Deconstructing the familiar, a river I've crossed swimming, walking, cycling, by boat, train, car, even plane.

pine wood & screws; oil on paper; single channel video loop with stereo sound

A flow is never a straight line

The Portugal–Spain border is 1,214 km long, the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union and one of the oldest borders in the world. The Miño/Minho river delineates a section of the Spanish–Portuguese border for about 80 kilometres, until reaching the Atlantic. The river waters vineyards and farmland, is used to produce hydroelectric power and passes Roman and medieval towns and fortifications.

Commissioned by the Museum of Vila Nova de Cerveira for the collective exhibition Aquarte, this project comprises "M I N I U S", "Variable" and "Deep Waters". An exploration of the ever-changing constituent elements of the river as a geographical feature that separates yet unites two countries, their people and cultures.

'Even if you've looked at something for a thousand times, there is always a new way to look at things.'