Live Performance

Biology, neuroscience, computing and robotics to hack the human body. We have entered the age of the cyborg: a living thing both natural and artificial.

enhanced dance piece

Human 2.0

Trashumanism aims to alter the human condition for the better by using technology (as well as genetic engineering, life extension science and synthetic biology) to make us more intelligent, healthier and live longer than has ever been possible - eventually transforming humanity so much it becomes “post-human”. Some believe that we will transcend all of the limitations of our biology, even defeating death.

This performance is part of a research exploring the use of wearables, skin conductors and digital communication human-machine, as per human-human. The project is developed in collaboration with Marianne Baillot, with the assistance of Joel Ribeiro and music by Luis Salgado.

'Since the earliest humans made stone tools, we have tried to extend our powers. The bicycle, the telescope and the gun have all arisen from the same impulse.'