Vessels : Fragments

Interactive installation

When one opens the black box of conservation laws, one finds a mirror reflecting back one’s own beliefs.

wooden canvas, laser projector, kinect, & computer

From one system to another

As hollow receptacles, VESSELS are used to hold free-flowing substances that conform to the shape of its containers. The qualities of container and content and the relationship between them is the object of study behind this body of work. The interactive installation FRAGMENTS is a digital exploration of the Laws of Conservation of Mass-Energy, that state matter and energy are never created nor destroyed, the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant.

The projection shows an ocean of particles, the primigenial matter that forms everything. When a user steps in front of the screen, the particles awake and merge to form a reflection of that being. This interactive projection is composed of two parts: an outer shell and an inner body. The particles dissolve back into an ocean to re-form again with the interaction of a new user; the outer shells are always different in texture and formation, the inner bodies are always similar.

This installation was presented in Portugal as part of UMBRA Festival, July 2021. It has been made with Notch VFX by Kira O'Brien, with the support of Bluman Associates and Real Good Liars.

'We are all made of stardust'