Form and Shape define objects situated in space. The place from where we look at things give shape to our experiences and the sum of these form each individual's reality.

perspex sheet, perspex tube, wire mesh, copper sheet, aluminium tube, pine wood, plaster of paris, etc.

Of shape and space

Vessels are hollow containers used, especially, to hold liquids. Matter in this state is by definition amorphous. By not having a fixed shape, liquids flow, taking on the shape of their container. The qualities of container and content and the relationship between them is the object of study behind this project.

It presents a series of irregular polyhedra built using different materials and techniques. However, each one contains a smaller polyhedra of a different shape made of plaster of paris.

"I think scale is about, in a way, the apprehension of proportion, and all the proportions that mean things to us as human beings are related to the body." Anthony Gormley