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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

We projected Borat onto the UK’s most iconic buildings, with a message you couldn’t ignore.

AGENCY: Who Wot Why

Wear Mask. Save Live.

Highjacking 34 landmarks across 10 cities all over the UK, we projected Borat naked but for his iconic 'mankind' - only he was switching his regular one for a face mask. From Edinburgh Castle to the Angel of the North, the Tower of London to Anfield Stadium, it's hard to find a landmark in the UK that hasn't been plastered with a semi-naked Borat. This guerrilla projection was part of an extensive campaign to promote the release of the sequel to 2006's smash hit.

Being naughty is fun. For this project, I scouted locations all over the country, evaluated viability and simultaneously coordinated 10 teams remotely to ensure the most successful results.

"Very naaiice" Borat