JBL x Google Assistant

Fright Club

To promote JBL’s portable speaker range featuring Google Assistant, we threw an epic immersive Halloween party in the Victorian cellars of Shoreditch Town Hall, The Ditch.

AGENCY: Nucco Brain

Hey, Google!

The Town Hall’s Victorian tunnels were transformed into a horror labyrinth with multiple rooms to explore. A dark maze where guests were immersed in a soundscape of distressing sounds, a freezer with hung dead bodies blocking the way and a torture room with the most dreadful music to torment your ears. Fortune-tellers, ghouls, dominatrices and contortionists were scattered all over the place.

Besides supporting the design of graphic content and run of show on-site, I was the Tech Lead of this project setting up networks and all JBL Link Voice-activated devices, which also included creating bespoke software for the multi-display of visuals and sound control of some of the theme rooms. A spooky experience led by Creative Director Sean Pruen.

“Halloween inspires creativity and is an opportunity for everyone to go out and enjoy themselves, making it a perfect fit for JBL" Head of Marketing Simona Bara