Marvel & DC

My first work as a director is this animated music video that blurs the lines between memory, reality and fantasy.

STUDIO: Deboura

A love song to comic books

Taking their name from the famous drink, the members of the Spanish punk-pop band F.A.N.T.A. are tremendous fans of the Ramones and popular culture. Their music and videos are punchy, sarcastic, fun and full of references to b-movies, books and graphic novels.

I was invited to direct an animated music video for this band. The song "Marvel & DC" is part of their third studio album El Chico con Rayos X en los Ojos (The Guy with X-ray Eyes). It tells the misfortunes of a character after believing the stories written in the comics he read as a child.

The project was left unfinished due to lack of funding, yet the band liked the animatic so much that decided to release it as their official video for the song. Drawings and edition by Alex Rey.

"We all wish we had super powers. We all wish we could do more than we can do." Stan Lee