Future of Retail

A new experiential shopping space fusing fashion with art, technology and entertainment - All under one roof.

PRODUCER: Studio Art & Commerce

New frontiers

Mwaz is a concept store that sets you on a transformative journey of self expression, providing inspiration and new perspectives for you to create, explore and play. A thrilling experience as a Creative Director to define the journey, narrative and design of the spaces.

Customers will travel through four distinctive ‘frontiers’. Enter thru the enchanting world of WARP, where reality and digital art merge into an immersive experience, an awe-inspiring space with its rotating led wall and soaring ceilings, transporting you to a futuristic dimension. Next encounter, RARITIES, a captivating gold-hued natural enclave radiating an otherworldly charm. Its decorative wooden fixtures and moving flowers create an ethereal atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. Continue to VISIONS, a warehouse-style space with sharp, angular alcoves and dazzling mirrors infusing a futuristic vibe. Venture further to TRILL, an immersive haven for streetwear enthusiasts, colourful scaffolding featuring rotating mannequins blending contemporary and classic styles.

"The only reason why I'm in fashion is to destroy conformity" Vivienne Westwood