NYC Flagship

A new era in experiential retail begins with a dazzling two-storey store on Fifth Avenue featuring an innovative retail concept.

PRODUCER: Pixel Artworks


As shoppers seek more personalised and interactive retail offerings, the LEGO group spent two years developing a new retail concept that shoppers and children would love to visit. A format designed to create an immersive world of LEGO by blending unique digital and physical experiences.

The store presents a range of interactive installations that have been designed to be modular, scalable and fully flexible so they can work in LEGO stores of all sizes and will be introduced to over 100 LEGO stores around the world.

Just before the Covid-19 pandemic, I creatively developed the concepts for the experiences "LEGO Expressions" and "LEGO Wave" in its initial stages. Things changed a little along the way, but several key features remain from that discovery phase.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation." Plato