the art of innovation 2.0

The Galaxy S10 | S10 + is the most powerful and innovative phone on the market. Samsung wanted to showcase some of its impressive features in never-before-seen ways.


10 installations at once

This was the second set of windows commissioned for KaDeWe. To do more than just create innovative, eye-catching installations; we wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible within the windows and find new ways to let passersby interact with and affect what was inside. We looked at every window to translate the features of the phone so people understood how components like superior connectivity, enhanced intelligence and a powerful camera could improve their lives.

A challenging project from start to finish due to the short time frame, complexity and amount of work to be done all at once. A few windows used infrared sensors allowing people to engage with and trigger reactions inside of the windows themselves. Other highlights included fun interactive games, a multi-angle photo booth and a miniature infinity room.

The project was initially led by Creative Director Kate Lynham. Yet I was asked to fill her shoes for some weeks, having to conceptualise, art direct and lead the development throughout.

It has received several Awards, some of which include the 2019 Clio Awards Bronze in Retail Design, 2020 Best Art Direction in The Webby Awards, 2020 Silver Cube and 3 Merits in ADC Awards, FWA People's Choice Award 2019, 2020 Bronze Lovie in Mobile & Experiential Marketing and 2020 Bronze Lovie in Art Direction

"Design is the beauty of turning constrains into advantages." Aza Raskin