The Connected Restaurant 2019

Missing a loved one at the dinner table this Christmas? The Connected Restaurant brings families together in Dublin and New York for one unforgettable dinner.

AGENCY: Boys+Girls

Ain't no distance far enough

Christmas is a time for families to come together and reconnect, to share and create unforgettable memories. For those living abroad, it can be difficult spending the most magical time of the year away from home. Three Ireland, in partnership with Samsung, launched The Connected Restaurant in both Dublin and New York, allowing loved ones to be in two places at once.

By using the latest, most high-speed technology, two halves of each table in the restaurant were separated by thousands of miles, yet it felt as if the families were eating a three-course meal together in the same space. An exclusively curated festive menu designed by Irish-American chef Flynn McGarry inspired by the flavours of Christmas and Ireland.

As Creative Lead, I art directed and ensured creative consistency across both locations for a seamless experience.

"All I want for Christmas is You" Mariah Carey