Zadok Ben-David

Zadok Studio

Everyday life in an artist studio can be very unpredictable, demanding and a creative exercise in itself. A playground to experiment, discover new things and never stop learning.

CLIENTS: Museums, Art Galleries
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Inside the art world

Zadok Studio is the London-based headquarters of the sculptor Zadok Ben-David. Having exhibited all over the world, his inspiration as an artist derives from nature, science, magic and illusion. The work extends across media, from hand-painted photo-etched stainless steel miniatures to massive hand-cut corten steel outdoor pieces.

For nearly four years, I worked at Zadok Studio as the project manager, designer, registrar and personal assistant, managing and supporting very different types of projects from concept to final delivery. My duties included research, fabrication design, production planning, sourcing equipment and supplies, team management, budgeting, logistics, improvement of daily routines, documentation, stock control and artwork database, design of studio brand, mockups, briefings, exhibition displays, etc.

"Nature is to me the feeling and emotion, and everything that is man-made is rational." Zadok Ben-David